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Transforming Landscapes for a Sustainable Future

To keep our waters clean in IRC, we invite you to attend Pelican Island Audubon's 4th annual conference, Transforming Landscapes for a Sustainable Future, on Jan 21, 2023 at the Emerson Center, 1590 27th Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32960. Registration starts at 8 a.m.; speaker presentations start a 9 a.m. See the schedule, info, and bios of the great speakers on our website Admission is $25 in advance on our website ($35 at the door) for those attending which includes a box lunch and on ZOOM. One free ticket to HOA board presidents. There will also be nurseries offering native plants for purchase and experts demonstrating how to plant them.

As you are aware, our Lagoon and waterways are in trouble from runoff from our lawns and roadways. We at Pelican Island Audubon and our sponsors feel that we can greatly reduce this pollution by reducing grass lawns and planting native plants that do not require lots of fertilizer, herbicides, and precious water, but are still attractive to us and our birds, butterflies, fish and other animals, which are in decline. These plantings will save money by reducing precious drinking water use. A central Florida study found that, on average, 64% of our drinking water is used by homes for irrigation. In the summer, this water use rises to 88%. In addition to reducing water use, replacing lawns with native plants will retain soil, preventing erosion into the Lagoon, and reduce fertilizers and herbicides going into what used to be our pristine waters.

Please attend and share this with your friends and members. Click here for a flyer with a schedule. Click here to see a website with more info.

Many thanks for your concern for our environment and our future.

CONTACT: Richard H. Baker, Ph.D.

PHONE: 772-532-2489

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