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Join Us to Protect Indian River County


Pristine Nature

The Indian River Lagoon is not doing well. It needs a lot of work to fix the myriad of problems in its depths. Find out more about what is wrong with the lagoon and what are the sources of pollution. Learn more about our overarching water issues.

Development Rising

Indian River County is one of the last parts of the east coast of Florida free of a sea of high rises. One just needs to travel south of our county to see how many people can live packed together. This was a conscious decision by generations before us and the IRNA works to keep this charming feeling alive in our community. But Development is starting up again, and we need to be vigilant for those who may wish to change the character of our towns.


What We Do

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The water, environmental, and development issues we tackle are not always easy to explain or easily understandable. We do our best to help make sure that everyone can understand our issues. Education is the key here, and our magazines, emails, and more will keep you up to date on what's going on!

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Education is great, but education without action will not enact meaningful change. We need to talk to those in power and government to make them understand our concerns. We strive to keep civil and cordial relationships with elected officials and staff and that is most beneficial to disagree without being disagreeable.



Change does not come easy. Many of the issues we advocate for will take years to come to fruition. In the mean time, the work is hard. Without hope and inspiration, the road feels even longer. We will meet our goals despite the odds.

"It always seems impossible until it's done." -- Nelson Mandela

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