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What Can You Do?

You can make a difference in our polluted world through actions big and small. Join environmental groups, volunteer for cleanups, and donate to eco-friendly charities. Every small action is a giant step towards a better future. Don't lose hope - you can create change! Learn more below.

Join the Indian River Neighborhood Association

The IRNA is made up of advocates for change. We believe that change comes from local, statewide, and federal policy and expenditures. We advocate on every level to make this change happen.

We don't make science or data, but we do educate, advocate, and inform about important issues facing our community. We believe that everyone (even you!) has a role to play in making our world a better place, and we invite you to join us today.

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Reach out to elected officials

Take action by reaching out to your elected officials and sharing your concerns. It's crucial for them to understand what matters to their constituents, regardless of age or expertise. While a single message might not prompt immediate action, a collective push from the community can inspire them to take significant steps. Advocate for the protection and preservation of our water and lagoon by voicing your concerns. Click here to find contact information for state and federal elected officials, and make a difference today.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Consider writing a letter to the editor - it may sound old-fashioned, but many community members still read and engage with these letters--especially politicians. We need diverse voices to spread the message and remind everyone that the majority of us care about our environment. Share your personal experiences and memories, whether it's about how the water used to be, your time spent by the lagoon, or concerns that your children won't have the same opportunities. (300 words max) You don't need to be a science expert to make a difference. You can submit your letters here.


How much have we grown since 1951? A lot.

Check out the map above to see how the City of Vero Beach has evolved over the past 70+ years. It's quite striking to witness the changes. Now, it's crucial that we come together to safeguard our region against excessive development. We can't achieve this without your support.

Remember, an increase in population inevitably leads to more pollution, and additional pavement only exacerbates runoff issues and other concerns.

Conserve Water!


It's important to conserve water to protect the environment and ensure there is enough for everyone. Here are some tips to help you save water:

  1. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth or shave.

  2. Install water-saving devices like low-flow showerheads and dual-flush toilets.

  3. Use a bucket of water to wash your car instead of a hose.

  4. Avoid running the dishwasher or washing machine unless you have a full load.

  5. Collect rainwater for watering your garden or lawn.

  6. Check for leaks in your home and have them fixed as soon as possible.

Many more ways to conserve water are available here.

Support Modest Stormwater Assessments

Stormwater utilities are an important tool because they provide a sustainable source of funding for stormwater management projects. These projects help reduce flooding, improve water quality, and protect our natural resources. Stormwater utilities also provide educational opportunities and resources to further educate and inform citizens on the importance of conservation and proper stormwater management. By utilizing stormwater utilities, communities can work together to ensure that they are taking action to protect and improve the environment. Stormwater utilities are an effective way to promote environmental stewardship and encourage citizens to make sustainable choices.  Support Vero Beach's Stormwater Utility.


Septic to Sewer Conversion and funding

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The City of Vero Beach's Sewer Treatment Enhancement Program (STEP) is a great option for homeowners looking to convert to a sewer system. STEP provides a cost-effective way to upgrade their existing septic system to a sewer connection, while also helping to protect our environment. By connecting to the city’s sewer system, homeowners reduce the risk of pollutants seeping into nearby water sources, helping to protect our environment. This is only available in the City of Vero Beach. Learn more here.

We will be converting more and more septic tanks all over the county to sewer. Often the County has grants to help offset the cost of conversion and if given the opportunity, please do convert. Septic tanks, even perfectly functioning ones leech out almost 10 pounds of Nitrogen per year, per person. Our sandy soil means this hurts our water ways. Learn more about more advanced septic tanks which reduce your septic footprint here.

Talk to your friends and neighbors and learn more

Spread the word about environmental issues by sharing information about environmental causes with your family, friends, and colleagues. You can also join groups (like the IRNA!) or campaigns to help promote this message. You can use your social media channels to share news stories (like we share on our Facebook page), videos, and other content about environmental issues to help raise awareness. By doing all of these things, you can help ensure that the environment is a priority. Learn more on our education page or reach out if you have specific questions.

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