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Educate Yourself

There are so many issues facing us today. The IRNA is focused on our waters, promoting smart growth, and good governance. Each topic we discuss has links to various resources to learn more. If you find an issue that motivates you to action, join us today!

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Support conversion from Septic to Sewer systems

Functioning Septic Systems release nitrates, chlorides and phosphorous, many other chemicals and prescription drugs into the ground and groundwater. Non-Functioning Septic Systems also release pathogens (bacteria). If you can convert, you should!

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Support installation of Stormwater Systems

Stormwater runoff includes soil sediments, heavy metals, petroleum products, bacteria and chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers (nitrates and phosphorous).  These pollute our rivers and streams as well as the groundwater upon which we rely.

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Support Florida Friendly and Native Plant Gardening

Over 60% of our water goes toward our lawns. Green grass looks nice but the cost for our local environment in Florida is high. Native Plants evolved needing less water and can help with removing nutrients from the water. Native trees and plants also benefit local birds and pollinators!

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Support Low Impact Development to protect environmentally sensitive areas and provides wildlife corridors as well as outdoor recreational areas for residents. 

Indian River County has a history of Land Conservation. The First National Wildlife Refuge was established here in 1903. In 2022 votes supported a $50m bond to acquire conservation lands in our county by 78.2% of the vote. Conservation and development do not need to be enemies, but they must work together to achieve well-managed growth.

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Growth should include the highest standard of infrastructure in order to improve and protect our natural resources.

We support green infrastructure -- a network of green spaces and natural systems that provides multiple benefits, including water management, air quality improvement, and wildlife habitat. It is designed to work with and support the built environment, providing a sustainable approach to land use and development. Examples of green infrastructure include urban forests, green roofs, rain gardens, and permeable pavements. We also are proponents of Low Impact Development.

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Support Impact Fees

Developers of new properties are often charged impact fees by municipalities to cover the cost of infrastructure improvements needed due to the new development. These fees help offset the strain new residents put on a city or county's services such as schools, police, water and sewerage, fire protection and more. Impact fees can also be charged when someone causes an issue in the community, and are a one-time charge for the creation of new infrastructure

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Let's Work Together

Now that you know some of the big issues we're facing, join us today! We are stronger together and together we can work to protect our piece of paradise here in Indian River County.

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