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Appeal to the Supreme Court

Please click here to read the IRNA’s Amicus Brief. IRNA filed this brief in support of Indian River County’s appeal to the Supreme Court of the AAF lawsuit.

The appeal is being made pursuant to a writ of certiorari under which the County has requested that the full Supreme Court review the case on the merits.

To that end the County is ultimately seeking from the full Court a determination that USDOT’s allocation of over $2 billion in private activity bonds to help fund the AAF Phase 2 Intercity Passenger Rail Project was patently unlawful under applicable federal law and was not entitled to the limited deference accorded to a federal agency in its interpretation of that law.

Such a determination would impair the tax exempt status of the bonds and, as a practical matter, bring the AAF Phase 2 Project to a halt.

Our sincere appreciation goes to Board Member Peter Seed for his exceptional work on this matter.

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