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Clean Water Coalition of Indian River County Announces First Public Meeting on January 17

The Indian River Neighborhood Association is a proud member of the Clean Water Coalition of Indian River County. We are pleased to work with this new organization to do everything we can to preserve, protect, and restore the waters of our area.

The Clean Water Coalition of Indian River County will sponsor a presentation by Dr. Edie Widder, founder, and CEO of Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA), on Thursday,  January 17th at 7 pm at the River House, 305 Acacia Drive, Vero Beach.  Her topic will be: ‘The Impact Florida Algae Blooms Have On Our Economy and Our Health”.   ORCA is an organization that has a results-driven approach to conservation.

Dr. Widder believes Florida is becoming a case study in the negative consequences of undervaluing ecosystem services. Unless we stop over loading our waters with nutrients, algae will continue to flourish and have increasingly devastating effects on tourism and real estate values as well as on our health and that of the animals we love She will be presenting data on how algae toxins are entering our food web and where we need to focus our efforts to stop this downward spiral.

Board members of the newly organized Clean Water Coalition of Indian River County (CWC) will address the water quality issues that will be their focus and invite public participation.

For more information please visit the CWC website or Facebook page DemandCleanWaters.

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