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Fact Sheet: SB214 and HB85

Although the Indian River Neighborhood Association is focused on local growth, environmental and governmental issues, we recognize the important impact two bills, SB214 and HB85, recently introduced in our State legislature, will have on our county.

What is SB214 and HB85?

  1. A bill to regulate septic tanks to stem the tide of septic pollution

  2. It would require inspections of septic tanks every five years

  3. It would regulate repairs and pump outs of septic tanks

  4. It would require a seller of a house to disclose there is a septic tank there

  5. It gives more leeway to the Florida Department of Health in regards to septic tank regulations

Why should you support SB214 and HB85?

  1. It is good for the lagoon

  2. Septic pollution is one of the causes of water pollution in Florida

  3. Currently there is no law forcing inspections of septic tanks unless there is a visual issue with it, such as a septic tank bubbling to the surface

  4. If a tank is leaking and no one knows about it, the owner may never need to pump it out. This bill will change that.

  5. The lagoon and our waterways need all the help they can get…

Similar bills were brought forward in 2017, however much has changed in our waterways since then. Red tide has spread, blue green algae is all over the lagoon and other waterways. Water is a mess. Action needs to be taken, and this bill is a potential way to deal with it.

Are there any downsides?

  1. It has a long-term implementation. We wish it would require these changes quicker

Where can I see the current bill language?

Who could make a difference in Indian River County?

  1. Find Senator Debby Mayfield’s contact info on this page.

  2. Find Representitve Erin Grall’s contact info on this page.

  3. Find Governor Ron DeSantis’ contact info on this page

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