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Important Message from the IRNA Regarding Our Meetings and Moving Forward

Our respected leadership in the community calls for responsible behavior when we have a public health threat facing us.  For this reason, the Indian River Neighborhood Association is suspending all in-person meetings with more than 5 people present. We have subscribed to a conference call service and will be holding meetings by teleconferencing. Committee meetings are welcome to make use of this service for their meetings on an ongoing basis.

There is a lot of news out there about the Coronavirus, and because it is 2020, there is also a lot of “fake news”.  We suggest you get your information regarding prevention, what to do for possible exposure and how to care for those who may have been exposed by going to the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) website at where the latest information is available. You may also get accurate, up-to-date information from the Indian River Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on their website at or their Facebook page at The EOC just released an update for our county about an hour ago, it is available on their Facebook page. 

Thank you.

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