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IRNA Position Paper re proposed COVB Marina Expansion proposals

The Indian River Neighborhood Association is pleased that the City has decided to retain control of one of its most desirable assets, the marina, and is planning to refurbish it to a modern, efficient enterprise zone. We can even support some expansion of the marina to accommodate today’s larger boats and to increase revenue. However, we cannot support expansion without clarity on issues pertaining to preventing further pollution of the lagoon.

  1. With Concept One we note a plan to pave over green space for additional parking by the “Lagoon Dock”. Will the paving be impervious? What provisions will be made to prevent storm water run off from entering the adjacent lagoon at that location. We do not need additional oil, gasoline, and other road debris entering the lagoon.

  2. We are against expansion to the Concept Three level that would consist of a south dock west of the mangroves lining the shore behind the dog park and a planned access road just east of those mangroves . A road there would be perilously close to the lagoon with the attendant run off and pollution problems.

  3. With any concept of expansion, more boats mean more bilge discharges, more cleaning chemicals, more accidental spills. How do you propose to control these?

  4. Last, we ask how the marina intends to implement and enforce a “no discharge” policy to prevent waste water pollution from docked and moored boats in the marina.

Our lagoon is already severely compromised by excess nutrient pollution from a variety of sources and is located on a part of the lagoon where very little flushing occurs. Any expansion plan must take into account its environmental impact and we look forward to clarification on this important issue.

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