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IRNA statement on the sale, merger or lease of certain Vero Beach Utilities

A discussion may continue regarding the sale, merger or lease of certain Vero Beach Utilities. We want it clearly understood that the IRNA has no position on whether or not such transactions should occur. Kindly refer to the following statement for clarification.

Thank you.

The Indian River Neighborhood Association does not take a position on any sale, merger or lease of Vero Beach Enterprises such as the Water and Sewer Utility, the Solid Waste Utility and the City-owned Marina.

Our official comments were presented to the City Council at their Evening Meeting on May 1, 2018.  In summary, these remarks are presented here:

It is important to bring these kinds of matters forward from time to time and open it to discussion.  Doing this keeps the City forward thinking and assures the best possible services to the citizens.

If the Council decides to further explore selling or merging the Water and Sewer Utility and the City’s Solid Waste Utility, and the lease of the City’s Marina, it is our considered recommendation that a deliberative process is established. Such a process should ultimately include:

  1. the expertise of an Independent Consultant familiar with these matters

  2. an Independent Financial Professional to provide accurate and fair analysis and costs

  3. a thorough discussion at appropriate City Advisory Commissions: Utility, Finance and Marine

  4. and public notice and participation throughout the process.

Adopting a process such as this assures everyone is aware of the facts and the process is open.

To this end, the decision by the City Council will be justified and applauded as in the best interests of the City and its’ citizens.

We strongly urge the City Council to adopt such a policy.

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