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Happy Holidays from your IRNA!

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Welcome to another newsletter from your IRNA! We've had a lot going on and we hope you'll pay special attention to our January Luncheon with author of "The Green Amendment," Maya van Rossum.

As we come to the end of 2022, your friends in the IRNA hope that you and yours have a very happy holiday season. It's been quite the year and we've accomplished a lot, but there is always more to do.

But we would not be able to do anything without your support. As you make your end of year donation decisions, please remember your IRNA.

Join us at our January Luncheon! Our speaker will be Maya van Rossum, author of The Green Amendment. She will be speaking on the importance of ballot measures like the upcoming Right to Clean Water Amendment. Reply to this email to RSVP. More information on the event and speaker here. Please share with friends and neighbors. A printable flyer is available here.

The people have the inherent political power pursuant to Article I, Section 1 of the Florida Constitution to create the fundamental right to clean and healthy waters. The passage of the amendment will declare this a fundamental right, which is indefeasible. Click here to learn more and sign a petition.

Great Election News!

Congrats and thank you to the electorate of Indian River County for voting in favor of the $50m Bond to acquire conservation lands. A whopping 78.2% of voters supported this! There aren't many issues in 2022 that can rally this level of support. In fact, not a single precinct in Indian River County voted in favor at less than 65%!

This shows the world that Indian River County voters--left, right, and center--are concerned about water and environmental issues. Voters understand that restoring and preserving our natural habitats is imperative to a happy and healthy life. This kind of program is popular across the board and we hope our elected officials take note of the loud message their constituents sent with this and other similar votes across the state. For information on other such initiatives during the 2022 election, visit this page.

Legislative Delegation

Every year, our state representative and state senator hold a forum to listen to their constituents' concerns and issues. The IRNA is one of many organizations which will speak on your behalf to this group. We put together a short document with our priorities -- namely preserving Home Rule and protecting our waters and environment. It is imperitive to tell our elected officials the issues we are facing. Check out the issues your IRNA prioritized here.

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