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How to save money, conserve water and other advantages of Florida Friendly Landscapes

Property managers, homeowners associations and condo associations utilize management strategies to protect property value. All decisions about landscape management are directly aligned towards an appearance that reflects the current cultural norms. This results in an expensive high maintenance landscape that lacks diversity, color, and resilience. In addition to this, there are also water and nutrient restrictions to consider. Florida-Friendly Landscaping management techniques can be used to circumnavigate all these issues while delivering a beautiful landscape.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping Principles for Community and Property Management is the framework for finding solutions to communal landscaping needs. You will learn how to apply these principles in a way that is tailored specifically for use on shared landscapes. Let us discuss a plan that will continue to emphasize property value while fostering a cohesive look that is inclusive of individual preferences. You can sustainably manage beautiful common areas and front yards with curb appeal. There are many practical options for making your landscape plan more Florida-Friendly.

Plant selection is the basis of this system. The management of the right plant in the right place is significantly less taxing on limited resources. Increasing plant diversity directly impacts the health, appearance, and resilience of the landscape. Most covenants have a much longer plant list than what is represented in the landscapes. This means that increasing plant diversity is unlikely to cause any major amount of controversy in the community.

One of the biggest issues with community landscape management is turfgrass maintenance. There are many reasons why turfgrass is the groundcover of preference. It can be managed in a less demanding manner than how it is currently cared for. After determining which cultivated variety of turf is being used, it is best to follow the care instructions that provided best results from the grower. Lower maintenance management might include something as simple as mowing it at the correct height or changing the variety based on growing conditions. Alternatives to turfgrass can also be explored where it fails to provide the expected appearance or if an opportunity to increase plant diversity is presented. There are many ways to sustainably manage turfgrass or other ground cover selections.

Watering and fertilizer restrictions are an additional impediment to managing a thriving landscape. This does not have to be the case. Florida-Friendly Landscaping management is focused on lowering the quantity of water, fertilizer, and pesticides required to still have a beautiful, lush environment. There is no need to sacrifice a healthy-looking landscape due to poor water management. By managing the right plant in the right place correctly, the landscape will be drought tolerant and need less supplemental irrigation. Nutritional requirements are also modified when the landscape is managed more efficiently.  Florida-Friendly Landscaping management will help overcome Florida’s climatic and soil challenges.

For help establishing a plan customized for your community’s needs, please contact me using the information below.

Nickie Munroe University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Indian River County Extension Environmental Horticulture Agent and Master Gardener Coordinator County Administration Complex 1800 27th St, Building B Vero Beach, FL 32960 772-226-4318

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