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IRNA Board Passes Resolution supporting lawsuits against All Aboard Florida (Brightline)

At our February 16th Board Meeting, the IRNA passed the following resolution about Brightline.

WHEREAS, on February 13, Citizens Against Railroad Expansion in Florida (CARE FL), Martin and Indian River Counties and Indian River County Emergency Services District (collectively Complainants) filed a Complaint in a lawsuit they have jointly brought against the U.S. Department of Transportation and other federal parties  (collectively Federal Defendants), and

WHEREAS, the Complaint challenges the lawfulness of actions the Federal Defendants have taken and have failed to take regarding the All Aboard Florida Project – a proposed passenger railroad between Miami and Orlando (AAF Project),

WHEREAS, one such action taken by the Federal Defendants was the allocation of $1,150,000,000 of tax exempt private activity bonds (PABs) to build Phase II of the AAF Project between West Palm Beach and Orlando (Phase II Project”), and

WHEREAS, the Complaint requests relief from the Federal District Court that, among other things,

  1. declares the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) to be in violation of NEPA,

  1. vacates the ROD and FEIS,

  1. remands those proceedings for preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement,

  1. declares that issuance of the PABs was unlawful and has no effect, and

  1. temporarily and permanently enjoins use of the proceeds PABs for the Phase II Project, and

WHEREAS, the Indian River Neighborhood Association (IRNA) has consistently supported similar lawsuits brought by the Complainants against the Federal Defendants and other parties that have properly put in doubt the viability and lawfulness of the Phase II Project.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT IRNA fully endorses the lawsuit brought by the Complainants and commends them for their perseverance and use of both public and private funds to that end. 

SIGNED: Honey Minuse, Chairman of the IRNA Board of Directors

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