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IRNA Summer Update

Stay informed with this information from the IRNA

I sincerely hope this email finds you healthy and safe during these unprecedented, difficult times. As we cautiously start to emerge from historic, statewide COVID 19 “Safer at Home” restrictions we begin to more fully understand the impacts to our many communities and what this means to all of us going forward.

The IRNA did not escape impacts. We cancelled our luncheons and postponed production of our News-Magazine. Our Committee work and Board meetings continued but primarily in a new teleconference format. Additionally, we closely monitored the past Legislative session and the Governor’s actions on specific bills about the use of our lands and the health of our Lagoon. I am very grateful for the wonderful volunteers we have working on these matters. They make a difference.

Outlined here are some points of information for you. Please click on the subject link for comprehensive information.

  1. Governor DeSantis recently vetoed SB 410 which would have had a major change in land use throughout the State. We had communicated our concerns to him, as did many others, and he is to be congratulated for listening to the people of Florida.

  2. Governor DeSantis signed into law the Clean Waterways Act, sponsored by our State Senator, Debbie Mayfield, another bill having our written support. While the final version which went to the Governor was watered down we see it as a good start to address a major problem.

  3. The Governor also maintained funding for Florida Forever for the purchase of conservation lands, another matter having our full support over the years.

  4. Sebastian annexed Graves agricultural property which was stated to be for a large scale development. This led Sebastian voters last November to toss out three incumbents who had voted for the annexation. A Pelican Island Audubon-Citizen lawsuit followed. The Appellate Division of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit recently struck down the annexation.

  5. Visit the Supervisor of Election’s website for all the information you wish to have for candidates on this year’s ballot, excluding local cities. Click here to request a mail-in ballot.

  6. Virgin Trains/Brightline/All Aboard Florida. Private and County funds are supporting an appeal to the United States Supreme Court. The IRNA has filed an Amicus Brief in support on this appeal. If accepted, oral arguments will be heard. Board member Peter Seed is to be congratulated for his exceptional work here.

  7. Landscape Irrigation: Daylight Savings Time requires different landscape irrigation rules. Click here to see when and how much you may water your landscape. Also, don’t forget that we are in the fertilizer blackout period, where it is illegal to put down nitrogen fertilizers in Indian River County and the municipalities therein.

  8. Vero Beach Stormwater. Once again City Council has under consideration a funding source to address longstanding Stormwater pollution problems. We have advocated for a solution for many years.

  9. Pelican Island Audubon has offered free trees to the public. The only requirement is that you learn how to care for your tree before they give it to you. A great way to teach youth these important skills!

  10. The County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been exceptional keeping people informed about the latest developments and statistics about COVID 19.

A reminder. We do not endorse candidates for local elections. Our concerns are with issues that impact our quality of life and we readily communicate them, working with officials and staff for the best solutions to identified problems.

In closing I wish to convey a special thank you for our family, friends and neighbors who have given so much support to each other and to our many communities during these difficult times.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any comment you wish to make. Be safe and be well.

With my sincere regards,

Honey Minuse, Chair Board of Directors

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